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Dear Earl,

I haven’t talked to you for many months now and you know what, I missed you so much. I’m so busy that I can’t even send you a message on your inbox. I checked your page once and I saw that you are having fun with your family. How are you? I hope you get well soon and finish what you’ve started. Well, that’s it. See you soon. 



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July 8th
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June 23rd
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May 13th
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 I find peace when I see trees blooming.

May 13th
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May 11th
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We are all infinitely interconnected with each other, You don’t see it yet, but time will come that you will notice it. 

May 9th
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dont you dare get my skittles.


dont you dare get my skittles.

Quite literally, this will be the first blank page of the 365 page book. 1st of the 365 days of the year 2014. I guess, I will be one of those goody-goodies that will complete this concept for their literary prowess by writing down events happened in their lives. Like a diary or something.. ahh, journal! That’s the term. Oh well. 

Anyway, I felt like this day is the day that I could start all over again. It was like I’m standing in the start of a long journey that eventually have u-turns, detours, yields, speed bumps that I must endure. There will be some people that will help me to find the right way from this race. And some that will pull me away and will leave me behind. But what I need to do is keep my head in the game and finish what I’ve started. It is not how you start it, it is how you finish it, you know. So I guess, I’ll pack my things and get going because it will be a one heck of a ride. 

I am grateful that I have been given this clean slate to start all over again. So, go and have a blast with your first day. Write a good one. Do whatever your heart desires. 

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