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Okay, it is not that I don’t love my family, it is just that I am sick of them trying to make me the person that I’m not. I’m so sorry. Even animals don’t like that treatment. 

Posted 3 months ago

Quite literally, this will be the first blank page of the 365 page book. 1st of the 365 days of the year 2014. I guess, I will be one of those goody-goodies that will complete this concept for their literary prowess by writing down events happened in their lives. Like a diary or something.. ahh, journal! That’s the term. Oh well. 

Anyway, I felt like this day is the day that I could start all over again. It was like I’m standing in the start of a long journey that eventually have u-turns, detours, yields, speed bumps that I must endure. There will be some people that will help me to find the right way from this race. And some that will pull me away and will leave me behind. But what I need to do is keep my head in the game and finish what I’ve started. It is not how you start it, it is how you finish it, you know. So I guess, I’ll pack my things and get going because it will be a one heck of a ride. 

I am grateful that I have been given this clean slate to start all over again. So, go and have a blast with your first day. Write a good one. Do whatever your heart desires. 

Posted 3 months ago

This is irrelevant but I have to express this or else I might die. Just kidding though. I just really need to say this. Mornings were the hardest. I hate waking up early. The thing is, I am usually slow when it comes on doing things you should do normally after you wake up like eating breakfast, taking a bath, stuff like that. I usually do some commotions. Daydreaming for awhile, staring at my food, sleeping in the comfort room are just the examples of my time-consuming rituals.

My class starts at 8. And since the start of our semester, I am always late. I promised myself that I will not be late anymore. I might receive a note one day saying that "Unfortunately, you have gazillion number of absents due to your lack of punctuality. You are dropped in my class." Ohhh.. I will not let this thing happen, but guess what, it might happen…. soon. If I don’t get my shits in place. Yikes.

Tuesday, 10th of December. I got up early and did my deeds immediately. 7:40AM, I went outside and got my ass on a tricycle and went to school as fast as possible. But the odds were not in my favor that day. TRAFFIC JAM!! *Kung sinu-swerte ka nga naman* 8:04AM, the time I got my ass off of that traffic. Shoot, no time to spare. I ran as fast as I could through the gate, but suddenly, there was a thing flew out of my bag. Shoot! My bag was open all this time. I saw a white thing on the floor. Then, this dude came from nowhere helped me to pick it up. I realized that it was my tissue paper, the one that you used in your comfort rooms. MY FREAKING TISSUE PAPER that I’m using in terms of my abdominal abnormalities. I picked it up immediately and I laughed while holding the tissue paper with my two hands and then, this dude came closer to me and whispered ” Tatae ka no?” and then I laughed, flashed him my brightest smile and said “Hindi no, para sa sipon ko ‘to!”. But he didn’t believe, he said this freaking words out loud "TATAE KA EHHH!" The guards heard it, other students heard it, and of course I heard it. Due to my irrational thinking and embarrassment , I ran as fast as I could, with a shame in my face for not checking my bag if it is open or not, to our room and hoped that I will not see that cute guy ever again. And oh yes, I was late that day. Yey! Way to go!

I always see that guy around the campus. He always smiles at me every time he sees me. I guess he is thinking that scene whenever we see each other. He is kinda cute though, OH WELL! Gosh, it was embarrassing. One of my embarrassing moment in my life, indeed. 

Posted 4 months ago

It was like lightning, rushing to struck the hell out of me. The ghost from the past haunts again, and he definitely wants to bring me down. Don’t have any choice, but to move on. Forget everything about us. To finish this connection that we made for the past years. I miss you. I always do. But I have to do this. I have to. 

Posted 4 months ago